When you're ready for your complementary analysis assessment, or ready to book a package for improvement, club fitting, course management or mobility, fill in the form and we'll set up call. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and technology with you and your soon to be Elite Swing!


I offer a daily, customized program that spans indoors & outside. We begin the day at our indoor training facility and assess the body and swing. I measure the student’s mobility, stability and physical limitations. The indoor training center verifies the limitations with 3D imaging, ball / club data and center of pressure tracing. An assessment of the player’s clubs combined with launch monitor confirms the assessment. You also have access to a full Titleist and Edel fitting equipment.
Once the assessment is complete, we head outdoors. Trackman and Boditrak pressure plates are used at one of our 3 outdoor practice facilities we’ll work on. The full suite of resources available continuously tracks your progression throughout the day.
Once the range practice has been successfully implemented, you’ll golf a nine hole round on one of our championship golf courses. Course management and coaching are supplied throughout the round.

Sample Daily Schedule:

9:00 AM – Meet and Greet and creating our goals for the day
9:15 AM – Physical Evaluation of Swing Limitations
9:30 AM – Big 12 Swing Assessment of Our Common Swing Faults (Trackman, HD Simulators, Boditrak Pressure Plates, V1 Swing Analysis, Swinguru 3D Mapping)
10:30 AM – Indoor Putting Evaluation (Scotty Cameron and Edel Fitting Systems)
11:30 AM – Golf Club Evaluation using Titleist Fitting Center
12:00 PM – Lunch Break (Lunch Included at our PGA National Members Club)
1:00 PM – Outdoor Full Swing assessment using Trackman and Boditrak.
2:00 PM – Short Game (Chipping Vs. Pitching, Greenside Vs. Fairway Bunkers)
3:00 PM – Tee Time on One of Our Championship Courses
5:00 PM – 5:15 PM – Daily Review