8 Principle Swing Dynamics

What’s up with the Octopus? The octopus is a highly capable, highly adaptable beast adept at pursuing its goals with grace, power and confidence. 8 arms are better than one, and are representative of the hands-on instruction, level of commitment and 8 Principle Measurements of your Swing Dynamic Pattern we use to make you an elite golfer..

The 8 Arm Swing Pattern we’ll use to make you great!

1. Address
The Address is the foundation of your golf swing. A poor setup can result in a positive swing with a negative consequence. The Address position forecasts shot type, curvature, and trajectory. We’ll use plane drawing tools on our HD Golf Simulator Instruction studio to visually show you the perfect trifecta for your unique body composition.
2. Takeaway Pattern
We can identify the most advantageous swing initiation. This is where we discover and focus on your pace of swing, proper rhythm, tempo and timing. This is the beginning of the swing motion, and is the foundation for proper club and body movement. As a certified personal trainer, I can identify any mobility or range-of-motion hindrance, and work to design a value-added plan to improve any challenges from your structural composition.
3. Maximum Load Point
I’ll utilize Boditrak pressure mapping to quantify maximum load in your lower body. This moment in time lasts for only a brief, yet critical moment in your backswing. It’s the moment you discover if your lower and upper body have efficiently maximized movements. It also lets us know if you’ve successfully loaded your posterior chain, glutes, quads and hamstrings. We’ll put this data into a visual format as I guide you through this captured moment. We can then adjust your load point to optimize for your unique body composition.

4. Transition
The transition is the moment when your pressure sequence begins to translate to your front foot. This moment in time represents the fraction of a second when club is still moving to the top your swing, but your pressure shifts to the front foot. Where your pressure shifts within the foot creates a dynamic that results in different sequencing and shot shapes. We use down-the-line slow-motion and top-down slow motion in conjunction with Boditrak pressure mapping to pause and work at this critical moment in the swing. And, most importantly, we’ll use 3rd person visuals in this swing chapter so you can CLEARLY understand what’s going on, associate kinesthetic learning with this moment and make it easy for you to grasp the improvement we’ll make with your swing.
5. Peak Velocity
We’ll use incredibly accurate, comprehensive Shot Data and Velocity Metrics, to determine a properly sequenced downswing. This is a unique, technologically superior way of understanding your unique down plane. Dynamic, slow motion visuals coincide with shot data to help you understand if the club is in the best position for maximum power. It also helps us with Custom Club Fitting and Club Compare.
6. Dynamic Impact
This is the moment of truth! We measure maximum compression of the golf ball and every aspect of this moment at impact. Each shot type, curvature, and trajectory call for different weight and pressure positions. You’ll understand and learn how to manage weight and pressure dispersion underfoot to manipulate how the golf ball spin directly affects path, trajectory and distance.
7. Exit Route
Exit route is typically a consequence of the down plane and... physical limitations directly impact club exit route. My knowledge of body mechanics provides you the benefit of a coach who knows how to address any range of motion limitations. I’ll help you adjust your club face to counter any limitation and to maximize your strengths! One lesson on the exit route with me and your ball striking will immediately improve.
8. Finish
A compelling finish is summed up into two words: True Center. I’ll know if you’ve improved because the finish is the culmination is the sum of the previous 7 swing dynamic elements. We’ll ensure your upper and lower body counterbalance until you’re fully extended and aimed at your target.